T. Boone Pickens backs Trump, expects to be dead by the time country collapses

The 87-year-old oil billionaire used to oppose Trump, but now he’s ready to say what the heck.

Climate & Energy

Obama’s latest climate move: Cracking down on methane from fracking

The EPA has just finalized rules that will limit methane pollution for the first time ever.

Climate & Energy

Amid fire evacuations, Alberta oil production restarts

Companies are flying in workers to staff oil operations — because thousands of local workers have had to leave their homes.

Business & Technology

Keystone pipeline still a pain in nation’s butt

Pipeline boosters just won’t give up. Now they've joined a lawsuit arguing that Obama shouldn’t have rejected Keystone.

Climate & Energy

Even with the Arctic out, offshore drilling isn’t slowing down

The Gulf of Mexico is a goldmine for offshore oil.

Climate & Energy

Rainbow satellite image shows Antarctica’s ice fleeing into the ocean

Parts of Antarctica are breaking off and moving away from the continent at speeds of up to three feet per day.

Business & Technology

BP takes Colorado to court and wins millions in tax breaks

Fossil fuel companies will collect $100 million and counting from taxpayers.


The Bay Area could get a whole new kind of climate tax

Voters will soon decide whether to impose a property tax that would generate revenue to restore key wetlands.


There’s worrying volcano news. But could that be good climate news?

A huge plume of ash could block sunlight and lower temperatures. But don't count on that happening anytime soon.