Feelin' the bern

Bernie Sanders lays out what Democrats should do next

The runner-up in the Democratic race hasn’t given up on impacting the party's platform.

Top architect of climate deal warns against Brexit

Climate advocates say Britain leaving the EU is bad news for the climate.

nuclear's unclear

Wave goodbye to California’s last nuclear plant

And wave hello to what might become a bigger carbon footprint.

After mega-heatwave, Los Angeles faces mega-wildfire

After two days, only 10 percent of the fire was contained.

Deep sea dumpster diver

20,000 leagues under the sea, we’ve made a mess

Industrial chemicals can now be found at the very bottom of the ocean.

The Chemical Bothers

Republicans in Congress passed a law giving EPA more power

Now the agency can start to regulate some 64,000 chemicals that are already in use.

Black gold

Desperate for cash, Trump turns to the coal industry

If there's any money left in coal, that is.

Ice ice baby grand

Piano performance next to a crumbling glacier will give you chills

Greenpeace’s latest stunt involves a pianist playing a haunting song in the Arctic.

Just Chill

Today’s headlines, brought to you from the future

The extreme heatwave in the Southwest is just the beginning.