Bill Nye inadvertently played a role in creating Noah’s Ark

The Science guy failed to convert after a visit to the new theme park.

Sanders’ final win: Climate action in the Democratic platform

He's pushed the climate debate beyond what Clinton is comfortable with.

Arctic sea ice hits a new low in June

Ice cover disappeared at an average rate of 29,000 miles a day.

polar attraction

President Obama just made Arctic drilling more annoying

If anyone is still determined to drill in the Arctic, it’ll cost them a lot of $$$.

Don't Fly Like An Eagle

Congressman wants EPA officials on the no-fly list

Because environmental regulators in coach is really the battle we need to be fighting right now.

Titanic move

Paris bans cars that remember when Leonardo DiCaprio was hot

Cars from before the world knew the lyrics to “MMMBop" can’t be on the roads during most daylight hours.


Forget recycling. Let’s turn old plastic into fuel.

Plastic-to-fuel technology could help us tackle our huge plastic waste problem.

Alberta wildfire was the costliest natural disaster in Canadian history

At $2.8 billion, that's more than double the second-costliest disaster.

Rising seas are lapping at the doors of Trump’s real estate empire

"You're fired!" says the ocean.