Lawmakers seek answers after oil gushes during Colorado floods

As Colorado oil officials continue to tally the toxic toll of flooded fracking facilities -- more than 60,000 gallons and counting -- two congressmembers are calling for a hearing.

Climate & Energy

Frackers are chewing up Pennsylvania’s forests

Oil and gas drillers are carving the state's woodlands into smaller chunks -- and that's bad news for wildlife.

Climate & Energy

Climate adaptation goes mainstream in Wisconsin

Wisconsin's Dane County, population 500,000, will spend $1 million next year to cope with climate change.

Business & Technology

In the renewable energy race, solar power is hot hot hot

New solar power plants will add 20 percent more capacity this year than last. Wind power, meanwhile, has been hung out to dry.

Climate & Energy

North Carolina rejects federal funds for fracking studies

The Tar Heel State's Republican administration apparently doesn't want anybody to know how fracking is affecting the environment.

Climate & Energy

Al Gore: Gutless media caves to climate deniers

Why are mainstream news outlets giving voice to climate deniers? Al Gore shares some sharp reflections on media malfeasance.


Government shutdown would close EPA, too

Congratulations, Congress! When you cripple the federal government, you'll also scuttle the agency that tries to keep polluters at bay.

Climate & Energy

How to clean a lake with an unstoppable oil spill: Drain the lake

Tar-sands oil has been leaking since spring from four places in Alberta, and nobody seems to be able to stop it. Now a 131-acre lake will be drained to aid in cleanup.

Business & Technology

Can’t afford a Tesla? Rent one in California

Hertz will begin renting Tesla's Model S sedan and Roadster electric vehicles at two of its Californian locations.

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