Shell celebrates new Alaska drilling by apparently losing control of a ship [updated]

The aptly-named Noble Discoverer appears to have run aground in remote Alaska, just to demonstrate Shell's sheer competence.

Today, Congress will hear about how chickens are impairing the oil industry

An endangered chicken in Oklahoma may slightly slow down the oil industry's ability to pull in scads of money. This will not stand.

Fuel tanker explosion in Nigeria kills more than 90

This tragedy is only the latest in a string of fuel transport-related disasters.

How the oil boom in Montana has turned railroads into a pipeline

Yesterday, we worried about pipelines. Today: trains.

The worst onshore oil spill in American history didn’t have to happen

The actions of the owner of a pipeline that dumped a million gallons of tar-sands oil into the Kalamazoo River made a bad situation worse.

Protestor with "Stop the Pipeline" sign

How nearly empty swaths of Montana guide policy on the Keystone pipeline

While Montana is home to only 0.3 percent of America's population, it controls 2 percent of the Senate. And that 2 percent supports Keystone.

Norway could halt all oil extraction tonight, probably only temporarily

Not that a fella can't dream.

Radiohead, Jude Law, and Greenpeace make a sad, sad polar bear video

Here are so many things that we like, all in one place.

Mickey Mouse pushes fossil fuels in this 1985 comic book

Matt Novak of Paleofuture has been posting photos of a 1985 Disney comic touting the benefits of oil pipelines and coal. What’s really striking is how much it genuinely sounds like Republican talking points. I guess Goofy is the American …