Estimates of Michigan’s Enbridge spill were way (way) too low

It's almost impossible to know how much oil spilled into the Kalamazoo River in 2010. One thing we can know: It was more than Enbridge reported.


A report from inside the Shell ‘oil spill’ party prank

It took Grist a hot second to figure out that this too-ironic-to-be-true video of a Shell party gone wrong was a prank. The concept, though, is brilliant — an “oil derrick” on a cake started …

Climate & Energy

Pennsylvania gives Shell a sweet, crude deal

In order to convince the oil giant to open an ethane plant in the state Pennsylvania sweetens the pot with 1.65 billion pounds of sugar.

Conspiracy of the day: American nonprofits oppose Canadian tar sands

Why on Earth would Americans care about environmental harm occurring in Canada? Obviously because they're up to something.

Climate & Energy

North Dakota’s fossil fuel boom: Messy

A report from ProPublica reveals that the state's booming economy has resulted in tens of thousands of gallons of spilled oil and wastewater.


What’s really funny: Taking the oil industry’s word on its job creation

If you've seen the video lampooning what counts as a green job, consider this: what does the industry count in its job numbers? They'll never tell.


Fakey McFakerson: Mini oil rig causes massive booze spill at Shell execs’ party

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This smelled kinda like oil-soaked fish to us (and a lot of the internet), so I called Shell, and a spokesperson told me in no uncertain terms, “I can confirm that this was …


A guy: Saying ‘Big Oil’ is like saying ‘the Jews did it’


BP’s Glenn Beck strategy for maybe saving a few million dollars

Two scientists hired by the petroleum giant turn over personal emails, replaying an all-too-common scenario in a data-rich world.