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Tar-sands oil spills should scare the crap out of you

InsideClimate News has published an in-depth series on a million-gallon-plus spill of oil-sands crude near Kalamazoo, Mich. Here are the good bits.

America: Awash in sunlight and oil

Which is shifting the market for both.

Hope you enjoyed those two years without drilling on Alaska’s North Slope

Interior Secretary Salazar announced plans to allow exploration in one of America's most remote areas. If you can't see spills, do they happen?

Good news about fossil fuels! Related: Bad news about fossil fuels!

You will basically be rewarded for not reading this post to the end.

Will the Senate make you inhale mercury? We find out today

The Senate is set to vote on a new regulation from the EPA. What does it all mean? We answer your questions.

Oh, great: OPEC considers cutting production to boost oil prices

We can certainly all agree that a fossil fuel-based economy run by a cartel is the best way to do things, right?

Big mystery: U.S. oil production hits 14-year high, gas prices not at 14-year low

We're as puzzled as you are. It's almost like the argument that drilling more will lower gas prices is totally wrong.

Romney energy advisor on oil subsidies: Four more years!

Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm will make the case for preserving hand-outs to Big Oil. But is he speaking for himself, or for the campaign?

Estimates of Michigan’s Enbridge spill were way (way) too low

It's almost impossible to know how much oil spilled into the Kalamazoo River in 2010. One thing we can know: It was more than Enbridge reported.