A boy named sue

This man tried to sue the pants off the EPA, and now he’ll be running it.

Trump picked Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as his EPA chief, and that has Democrats and environmentalists fearing global calamity.

failure to launch

Just what we need: A science denier in charge of the NASA transition.

Chris Shank's resume might make him sound qualified for the position -- but don't be misled.

Run forest run

We have good news for tropical forests and people who like to breathe.

New commitments from Brazil and Indonesia will be great for forests, critters, and humans.

the billionaire club

Carl Icahn, a billionaire critic of the EPA, is helping Trump shape it.

The billionaire has more than a passing interest in the EPA.

That Ain't Good

Man, this sea ice situation has really looked better.

Arctic and Antarctic sea ice levels are at record lows.

A drink and a nod

Why is EPA chief Gina McCarthy speaking at a conference full of private water company execs?

Private water firms have screwed over cities and citizens around the world, including Flint, Michigan.

dakota access

The Standing Rock Sioux will be ready to take a Trump challenge to courts

The pipeline is far from dead. But it’s also still far from a sure thing.

show's not over

Despite victory for Standing Rock Sioux, Energy Transfer Partners vows Dakota Access Pipeline will go on.

Other route alternatives aren't looking good, either.

what is happening

Al Gore and Exxon’s CEO enter Trump Tower …

What is happening.