The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams doesn’t like being told to vote with her vagina

Watch her smart response to asinine comments from Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem.


The Supreme Court throws a wrench in Obama’s climate plans

In an extraordinary legal decision, five justices temporarily halted the Clean Power Plan, a cornerstone of Obama's climate strategy.

Climate & Energy

Clinton comes out against Atlantic offshore drilling, angling to win green voters away from Sanders

She needs climate activists more now than ever.

Climate & Energy

Supreme Court whacks Obama’s Clean Power Plan

The court put a temporary hold on the EPA climate initiative, and that could be a bad sign for how the justices will rule on the plan down the line.


Australia guts climate change research

The nation's premier research organization will shift from science to innovation.

Business & Technology

White House proposes millions for big water innovations

The Obama administration's new budget proposal would encourage smarter water use and monitoring.


Fed up with the mainstream? Check out these third-party candidates

From the Libertarians to the Greens, these presidential hopefuls have some interesting ideas — and some terrible websites.


100 billionaires are trying to purchase the next president

And they're throwing money at Jeb!

Climate & Energy

Why a climate change denier will almost certainly win the GOP primary in New Hampshire

Will Trump, Rubio, and Cruz's extreme views on climate hurt them in New Hampshire? Probably not.