we'll always have paris?

Here’s how Trump plans to scrap that Paris climate deal.

We've been hearing this promise for a while. This is how he'd make it happen.

Hot air

We fact-checked Donald Trump’s latest comments on renewable energy.

Turns out, they're not all true.

nope to the pope

The pope’s call for climate action backfired in conservative America.

Right-leaning Americans were less concerned about climate change after hearing the pope's message, according to a new survey.

Fee enterprise

The Clinton campaign considered proposing a carbon tax.

According to WikiLeaks, Hillary Clinton's advisors discussed a greenhouse gas "pollution fee."

the great unmentionable

At least state debates pay attention to climate change. Oh, wait.

Only 21.4 percent of debates in hotly contested state races included a question on climate change.

A Grist PSA

We’ve got all the debate questions on humanity’s most urgent crisis in one scorching video.

We at Grist rounded up the biggest climate moments of the debates.

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What did you miss while avoiding any and all news?

Treat yourself. Here's a bunch of non-news reading for your weekend.

move along, nothing to see here

Climate change enjoyed its 2 seconds of fame in the final debate

In all three presidential debates combined, the candidates spent just 5 minutes on the climate crisis.

Debate watch

An alternative timeline of what the Clinton-Trump debates could have been.

The debate that never was on climate change.