Kissing up to Big Oil hasn't worked for Obama before, and it won't work this time, either. (Photo by Patrick Gage Kelley.)

Apparently every pundit and journo on the planet is required to write a post about Obama’s State of the Union speech tonight. I’ve done posts on every SOTU for years now, but honestly, I was planning on skipping it this year. The social and political science on these matters is fairly clear: Presidential rhetoric (especially any individual speech) doesn’t have much of an effect on anything. It rarely changes public opinion or secures policy outcomes. And even if the rhetoric had some effect, the fact remains that in the American system of government the president has very little power over domestic policy. Even if he promised the moon, in the end we only get what our turd of a Congress accepts. The whole thing is show business, mainly serving as a stimulus package for the journalism industry.

But then I read this story in The Wall Street Journal. Blarg.