Occupied Oakland [SLIDESHOW]

Check out more photos from Wednesday’s gathering and march in Oakland, Calif.

Food Day: Photos from celebrations around the country [SLIDESHOW]

Last weekend, eaters from around the country celebrated the first annual Food Day (Oct. 24). It’s an event modeled after Earth Day, but seeing as how the food movement is the new environmental movement, it wouldn’t surprise us if Food Day outpaced Earth Day within a few years.

Shine on: 2011 Solar Decathlon shoots for the stars [SLIDESHOW]

Eat it, Dwell. The kids who designed the sun-fired homes for the 2011 Solar Decathlon came up with some remarkably innovative designs, each engineered to meet the challenges of the local climate and/or economy. Read our Decathlon review here. Winners will be announced Saturday.

Come and get your Endangered Species Condoms [SLIDESHOW]

The Center for Biological Diversity wants to give away 100,000 Endangered Species Condoms this fall. Wanna help? Sign up and you’ll always have a good pick-up line. The condoms are part of the 7 Billion and Counting campaign highlighting how population growth threatens diversity.

They got a move on: Moving Planet actions around the globe [SLIDESHOW]

On Saturday, citizen activists in more than 175 countries called on world leaders to move beyond fossil fuels — and showed how much fun it can be to move without fossil fuels. Check out these photos from Moving Planet events, organized by

Mommy greenest: 10 impressive eco-moms [SLIDESHOW]

Parenting website Babble is highlighting “100 moms who are changing the world” and inviting readers to “mominate” others. Meet the 10 moms featured in the “green” category.

Just park it [SLIDESHOW]

Friday was Park(ing) Day, when folks reclaim parking spots around the world for dinner parties, cornhole tournaments, performance art — even urban chickens. Here are some of our favorite shots from the past few years. Score one for the humans!

Visually arresting: Live from the tar-sands protests [SLIDESHOW]

Hundreds of activists (including Bill McKibben and Daryl Hannah) have been arrested in front of the White House since Aug. 20. They’re calling on Obama to deny a permit for the Keystone XL tar-sands pipeline, which would run from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Here’s the story so far.

Freiburg, Germany: A model sustainable city [SLIDESHOW]

There are few better examples of a living, breathing sustainable city than Freiburg, Germany. It’s one of the most livable urban environments in the world, thanks to a deep respect for cultural and architectural roots coupled with bold and unconventional planning decisions. Take a look.

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