Smart Cities


Better bus lines follow worker bees

If cities want to get people to ride public transit, they need to ditch downtown routes and take them where the jobs are.


Blogs put bikes on a path to world domination

The revolution won't be televised. Instead, we'll turn to the grassroots bicycle media to see the bright future of the sport take shape.


In Utah, cyclists on a mission

Weirdly, Provo's bike renaissance is missing just one thing: controversy.


Pedal pushers: Is Critical Mass bad for bikers?

Has the Critical Mass bike ride done more harm than good for the cycling movement?


Can bikes bring back the neighborhood bookstore?

Cars and the rise of big-box behemoths killed independent bookstores, but bicycling could help bring them back.


Tombstone, with sewage backups

New Mexico "ghost town" will give researchers room to play -- without flooding real people's basements.


Drool-worthy homes from this year's Solar Decathlon, part 1 [VIDEO]

For those of you who won't have the opportunity to see these homes in person on the National Mall in Washington, DC from Sept. 23-Oct. 2, we've decided to gather up all the video walk-throughs of this year's entries in …


Las Vegas actually pretty good at conserving water

The Las Vegas strip likes to pretend it’s flush in all manner of luxuries, including water -- even though Lake Mead, which provides the city with water, could disappear within the next decade. Running a giant fountain or indoor canal …


Teenager builds tiny home to avoid mortgage trap

Sixteen-year-old Austin Hay of Santa Rosa, Calif., has been sleeping in a work-in-progress 130 square foot “tiny home” in his parents' backyard for months. The project came about because "like every teenager, I want to move out," says Hay.