Smart Cities

Putting the wilderness back in our cities

Neil Chambers’ new book, Urban Green: Architecture for the Future, is a study in imprecision. Ankle deep and a mile wide, the book reads like a half-baked primer in green design and conservation science. It could have used another year …

People love smart cities, as long as you don't call them smart cities

The vast majority of Americans — almost 80 percent — are totally on board with living somewhere that's close to jobs and schools, where the environment is clean and you don't have to spend much money on gas. They just …

Critical List: EPA’s greenhouse report comes in for criticism; motorcycles are gross

The EPA and its inspector general disagree over what qualifies as a "scientific assessment." The EPA has concluded that greenhouse gases are dangerous; the IG now says that the assessment didn’t go through sufficient peer review. This is actually about the review …

Red means stop, except for bikers in Kansas

Under a new Kansas law cooked up by bikers and motorcyclists, two-wheelers are allowed to run red lights.

Better bus lines follow worker bees

If cities want to get people to ride public transit, they need to ditch downtown routes and take them where the jobs are.

Blogs put bikes on a path to world domination

The revolution won't be televised. Instead, we'll turn to the grassroots bicycle media to see the bright future of the sport take shape.

In Utah, cyclists on a mission

Weirdly, Provo's bike renaissance is missing just one thing: controversy.

Pedal pushers: Is Critical Mass bad for bikers?

Has the Critical Mass bike ride done more harm than good for the cycling movement?

Can bikes bring back the neighborhood bookstore?

Cars and the rise of big-box behemoths killed independent bookstores, but bicycling could help bring them back.