Solar Power

Why Congress must investigate the wasteful Solyndra investigation

If we're investigating every non-fruitful use of taxpayer money, then we must at once investigate the Solyndra investigation! To the Investigateocycle!

Yes, the economy could soon run on (mostly) renewable power

A study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory demonstrates that an energy mix that is 80 percent renewable in 2050 could operate fine. If only we had the will to create it.

Japan turns reactors back on — but bulks up on solar

Two big announcements offer a mixed picture of how the nation plans to meet its energy needs.

Crowdsourced solar gets a nod — and a check — from the Department of Energy

Oakland's Solar Mosaic received a grant of up to $2 million to bring it's crowdsourced solar installation model to scale.

U.S. market for solar likely to double this year

Cheap prices and incentives from the federal and state governments lead to an additional 3.3 gigawatts of solar power this year.

Solar-powered lasers could save us from asteroids

There are a few key facts to know about Earth being potentially hit by an asteroid, which could happen in about 25 years (so yes, if you’re reading this, you will probably be alive to see it): It’s best to …

Clean energy investments climb, along with Big Oil’s blood pressure

OK, well maybe they're not overly worried just yet. But the investment trend – particularly in the United States – is encouraging.

Lay off the Konarka: Dem energy message risks defeating Dem energy message

The Democrats' "all of the above" energy message is an effective one. Their "Romney backed a solar clunker too" message is not.

A solar-powered cell phone charging station inspired by Occupy Wall Street

Tommy Mitchell wasn’t an Occupier, but when he visited Occupy Wall Street, he found out that OWSers were charging their cell phones at a hot dog vendor’s gas-guzzling generator, The New York Times reports. “I was like, ‘Well that’s awful,’” …