Sustainable Business

  • Would you like a bamboo keyboard? Of course you would

    The iZen bamboo keyboard is 92 percent bamboo, because normally keyboards are made from plastic, and plastic is made from oil and we’d rather not.

  • DIY printable furniture ships as information, not parts

    If your modular furniture from IKEA was fashioned from wood harvested on one continent, cut and finished on another, and shipped to yet a third, that’s not exactly sustainable. That’s why design firm Filson and Rohrbacher decided to replace actual …

  • McDonald’s ditches Styrofoam … maybe

    McDonald’s may be getting a little less evil … maybe … I guess … if consumers really, really want it to. The fast food behemoth recently announced plans to swap out Styrofoam cups for paper ones at 2,000 of its …

  • Chinese cheaters? U.S. slaps modest tariffs on solar panels from China

    American solar-panel manufacturers have complained that the Chinese are crushing them with underpriced, over-subsidized panels — and now the U.S. Commerce Department officially agrees.

  • Soon, your toilet could heat your apartment building

    Now you can dump energy waste just by, well, taking a massive dump. Green tech company OriginOil is working on a project that uses toilet wastewater as a way to heat apartment buildings. OriginOil, a start-up based in Los Angeles, …

  • Need a ride? Check out London’s mobile bike library

    A bus and a library make most people think of boring days locked inside a school — unless that bus holds an AWESOME mobile bike library! Meet London’s Bicycle Library: This roving bike provider lets Londoners “check out” a bike, …

  • New Melbourne restaurant runs on your pee

    Melbourne’s Greenhouse restaurant wants your patronage. But more importantly, it wants your pee. That’s right — this pop-up restaurant, which is open from March 2 through the 21st in honor of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, wants you to …

  • Batteries could make power grid unnecessary in some countries

    Aquion specializes in making large batteries, cheaply. They don’t look like much — they live in a former TV factory outside Pittsburgh, and you’ll probably never buy any of their products.

  • A road made of crushed toilets

    “Poticrete” is what Bellingham, Washington is calling their new road material, which incorporates ground-up toilets. Clever!