Sustainable Food

Lexicon of Sustainability: Mobile slaughterhouse

As the meat industry has grown more consolidated over the years, most small farms have had to truck their animals hundreds of miles to have them processed. Mobile slaughter trucks are a creative solution to this challenge.

With meat, absence makes the taste buds grow fonder [RECIPES]

Cooking with small amounts of meat is a great way to explore flavors and eat more sustainably. As part of our Protein Angst series, here are five recipes that utilize meat as more of a condiment than the main event.

Real Time Farms tells you exactly where your food came from

Real Time Farms is a “crowd-sourced online food guide” that tells you exactly where the meal on your plate came from. As crazy as it sounds, our vision is to collectively document the whole food system.

Shopping for kids aisle-by-aisle: Stocking up without breaking down

Think marketing companies don't impact your trips to the grocery store? Think again. These easy tips from The Cleaner Plate Club will help you stay focused on shopping for whole, nutritious foods.

Lexicon of Sustainability: Food sovereignty

After Hurricane Katrina, the only fresh produce within 50 miles of New Orleans came from a tiny Vietnamese refugee community in East New Orleans.

La Semmila youth

New Agtivist: Growing food sovereignty in the desert

In the unincorporated colonias near the borderlands of New Mexico -- an area known for its poverty and lack of infrastructure -- food activist Rebecca Wiggins-Reinhard is planting gardens and inspiring a new take on food.

An easy shell: Sustainable oysters [VIDEO]

On the Rappahannock River off Virginia's Chesapeake Bay, one family business hopes to restore the waterway's ecosystem, one oyster at a time.

Africa’s first green, locavore, gluten-free beer

In Mozambique, home brewing is big -- not because the country is full of mustachioed, fixie-riding expats from Portlandia, but just because it's less expensive. So when brewing giant SABMiller wanted to figure out how to sell beer to people …

Lexicon of Sustainability: Biodiversity vs. monoculture

Grist is beginning a Lexicon of Sustainability weekly series. Check out these artistically altered images from around the sustainable food world.