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This plugin keeps baby pics off your Facebook by replacing them with bacon or cats

Are you childfree, anti-population-growth, or just an STFU Parents fan? will get rugrats off your social media feeds for good, and replace them with pictures of kittens, puppies, bacon, swimsuit models, or whatever you want.

Here's how it works: The Chrome extension has an editable list of keywords that usually herald a precious, sticky little face in the vicinity. The preloaded keyword list is:

year old, so adorable, our family, cutest baby, learned to walk, years old, month old, months old, carseat, infant, too adorable, pajamas, solid foods, crawling, most baby, so cute, is precious, is too cute, diapers, too cute cutest baby ever, newborn, and mommy, looks like dad, beautiful baby, gerber, pacifier, tantrum, little angel,

but you can add whatever you want. The creators recommend dropping in the names of the biggest offenders among your Facebook friends. Then you can set it up with your favorite image feeds, or just use the default feed of cat photos from Instagram. It works best with big images, but otherwise, you can basically unbaby with whatever you find on the internet -- puppies, food porn, Avengers fanart. You could even just do Goatse over and over, I don't know your life. Then hit "save," and voila: Tot-blocked.

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I am the population problem

Take a look in the mirror.Population growth tends to get blamed on other people: Africans and Asians who have "more kids than they can feed," immigrants in our own country with their "large families," even single mothers in the "inner city." But actually the population problem is all about me: white, middle-class, American me. Steer the blame right over here. Well-meaning people have told me that I'm "just the sort of person who should have kids." Au contraire. I'm just the sort of person who should not have kids. Population isn't just about counting heads. The impact of humanity on …

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Feminist icon Gloria Steinem on climate change, population, & deep ecology [VIDEO]

Who knew feminist trailblazer Gloria Steinem was such a greenie? In an interview on ABC News' "Nature's Edge" a few months ago, she raised the alarm about climate change, talked about how climate is connected to women's rights and population, and gave a basic lesson on ecofeminism and deep ecology (all while fielding insipid questions from the interviewer): Quotable bits: "The overpopulation is still the biggest reason for global warming, for all the pressure on the environment." "The truth is that global warming is a nuclear holocaust slowed down slightly." "The important thing, I think, about both ecofeminism, as a …


Betty White is greener than you (and a GINK role model too)

Betty White, honorary forest ranger and ardent environmentalist.Photo: USDAWhite is the new green! Did you know that the octogenarian actress is a longtime environmentalist? She's starring in a new campaign for The Wilderness Society: "Keep it wild with Betty White!" "Wilderness is harder and harder to find these days on this beautiful planet, and we're abusing our planet to the point of almost no return," White said last year when she was made an honorary forest ranger. She's also a huge animal lover. She has long been involved with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Los Angeles Zoo, and other organizations …

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Do you know how many people are in the world today? [VIDEO]

Does the average American have any idea what the global population is? Watch and see: As Population Action International explains in this video, the world population will hit 7 billion this fall -- on Oct. 31, to be specific. At least that's the date the U.N. has specified, maybe because it's scary -- mwah-hah-hah. But seriously, the U.N.'s latest population projections are scary. Many demographers have been projecting that human numbers will stabilize at about 9 billion in 2050, but the U.N.'s new, more realistic analysis says the population could in fact keep on growing and hit 10.1 billion by …

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Is coming out as childfree like coming out as gay?

As I've talked to and read about people coming to terms with their decisions not to have kids, the comparison has come up over and over. "I felt like a gay person must feel, coming out of the closet and having these people validating me." -- Jason Gill, quoted in a New York Times Magazine article on the childfree "My friends and I have occasionally likened coming out as childfree to coming out as a gay person 40 or 50 years ago. There's the same sense of shock -- perhaps that's too strong a word. But it's a lifestyle people …

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Urban family values

Family values for population hawks: adopting a foster child

Photo: jrodmanjrLast month, Lisa Hymas posted a list of eight things all of us can do about population. It was a great roundup (my favorite was No. 4), but I'd like to add an item: If you really want to be a parent -- that is, if you'd like to help guide and shape and unconditionally love another human being, and you're OK with sleepless nights, no time for novels, and very little alone time with your partner -- consider adopting. I have nothing but respect for my GINK brothers and sisters. I think it's important to say (out lout …

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The GINK Videos

Teens say: Please give us decent sex ed! [VIDEO]

Why is the teen birthrate in the U.S. so high? One big reason: Sex ed in many schools sucks. In Boston's Jamaica Plain neighborhood, some teens got so fed up that they put together a film about the dire need for real sex education. Here's the trailer:  The high school students have also launched a Facebook campaign and drawn up a list of demands, including "comprehensive sexuality education" beginning in 9th grade and designated school staffers to whom students can go for free condoms. Many teenagers are daunted by the prospect of buying contraception in a drug store, as high-school …

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2010: The year childfree went mainstream (thanks, Oprah!)

Childlessness is nothing new -- for as long as we've had parents, we've had people who are not parents. Across centuries and cultures, at least 10 percent of women never have children, writes Elizabeth Gilbert. But it is relatively new to have a cohort of people who are deliberate, outspoken, and even proud about being childless -- or, as we prefer to say, childfree. We nonparents have traditionally been a quiet minority. And we're still a minority -- albeit a growing one, now about 20 percent in both the U.S. and the U.K. -- but we're no longer so quiet. …

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finger-clickin' good

The 10 most popular Grist posts of 2010

We Audi know better The unheralded significance of the Audi 'green police' ad The Audi ad that ran during the Super Bowl featured the "green police" arresting people for various eco-crimes like not composting an orange peel. It ends with Audi's suggestion for evading the green police: driving off in a diesel A3 TDI (named by Green Car Journal as Green Car of the Year). David Roberts' commentary on whether the ad was aimed at teabaggers or enviros got folks all hot 'n' bothered. I’ve got Kevin Costner on the phone. He’ll know what to do. The BP coffee spill …