Hurricane Sandy

Dude in horse mask is like ‘screw you, Hurricane Sandy’

Oh great, now the storm is spawning reverse centaurs.

‘Hope’ and ‘pray’: New York subway’s defense against Sandy

"Hope" and "pray" Sandy doesn't flood the New York subway and its antiquated water pumps.

Incredible photo of a flooded Manhattan

It's worse than we thought.

One of the most polluted bodies of water in New York is flooding

Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal is already overflowing.

Sandy will make gas prices go up or go down, maybe

Probably down, unless up.

Important public service announcement from coastal Delaware

An important announcement from journalist Brian Stelter, live-tweeting from the Delaware coast as Hurricane Sandy approaches.

You think Sandy’s bad? Saturn had a storm that was bigger than Earth

The Great White Spot was as tall as North America and long enough to wrap several times around the Earth, and it raised the temperature in one part of the atmosphere by more than 150 degrees.

Hurricane Sandy

Sandy has arrived

Mass evacuations, closed transit, terrified populace -- Hurricane Sandy is here, and like another massive threat encroaching on us, there's just one question: What damage will be done?

We may soon lose our storm-tracking satellites

Mismanagement and funding cuts may soon make it harder to predict future storms.