Urban Agriculture

San Francisco’s urban ag-spansion

San Francisco -- a city that has long had more aspiring gardeners than land -- now has a plan in place to build new gardens and make signing up for a community plot less of a losing proposition.

Getting your goat in Louisville [VIDEO]

Join the Perennial Plate crew as they visit an urban goat herder in Louisville, Ky.

The Change Gang: people making waves

Tanya Fields: Breaking locks and planting seeds in the South Bronx

Empty lots plus a passion for nutrition: How a food-stamp-reliant mother of four got into the food-justice movement.

Texas college turns football field into awesome urban farm

If your football team can’t hack it on the field, perhaps they can grow some kick-ass kale. At least that’s the sentiment from Dallas’ Paul Quinn College. After the university cut its football program, President Michael Sorrell decided to transform …

Fowl play: Raising illegal backyard chickens [VIDEO]

Meet some outlaw chickens and the people who harbor them -- in their quiet backyards.

Peebottle Farms: The dirt on the dirt

After putting off soil testing for two years, will our fearless urban farmer find her backyard garden full of arsenic and lead?

New Orleans school cultivates a generation of forward-thinking farmers

Nat Turner and the hardworking young crew behind Our School at Blair Grocery are bringing healthy soil and fresh food to the Lower Ninth Ward.

Presenting the largest rooftop farm … in the world!!!

In Brooklyn yesterday, BrightFarms announced that it would be building the largest rooftop farm … in the world!!! The New York-based company builds hydroponic greenhouse farms that are connected to supermarkets. The idea is to minimize transportation costs and time …

No vacancy: Unleashing the potential of empty urban land

A group of volunteers in Brooklyn mapped all the vacant city-owned properties in the borough, and discovered a remarkable amount of unused real estate. Now, they’re giving residents the tools to reclaim the land for the good of the community.