Urban Agriculture

Peebottle Farms: What to feed your chickens to get the best eggs?

“I have a theory, and I don’t think you’re gonna like it.” Justin was seated across from me at a communal table in a “Secret Restaurant.” We had met not half an hour before, but were now deep in discussion …

San Diego residents push for new urban agriculture rules

The right to keep dwarf or miniature goats in your backyard is just one of the changes being promised in San Diego’s new urban agriculture ordinance.Photo: robotikaSan Diego resident Adam Hiner is hoping to get his chickens back. Adam and …

Peebottle Farms: Have eggs, will barter

What's a girl with a constant stream of backyard eggs to do -- aside from conditioning her hair with the yolks? Why barter, of course.

Motor City mulch [VIDEO]

A Detroit couple leading the urban-ag uprising there explain how city folks have farmed for years, but "then, the hipsters came along."

Peebottle Farms: Chicken expertology

How are chickens like us? Are they easy to care for? Can you feed them onions? Here's what I learned in my first three months.

Grow a real garden in a LEGO greenhouse

Well, here's an innovative urban gardening solution -- a greenhouse made of transparent LEGO bricks that grows real plants in LEGO mulch.

Good news for Guerrero’s garden

An update on the Memphis garden that was ruled illegal earlier this week.

The bee's knees: DIY honey craze sweeps New York

Now that hives are finally legal in New York City, old-school "keeps" are joining brand new enthusiasts to create a honey renaissance.

Another urban garden bites the dirt

Just when you'd finally forgotten the story of the woman facing jail time for the veggie garden in her front yard, another urban gardener -- this one a teacher who uses his plot for hands-on lessons -- is under fire.