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How was Grist born?
Chip Giller founded Grist in 1999 — as a project of Earth Day Network — to lighten up a movement known for taking itself too seriously, and to engage an audience that might otherwise be turned
off by bummer environmental news.
Is Grist affiliated with, or owned by, a parent organization?
Grist is an independent organization. We’re not bound to please anyone but ourselves (and our dear readers, of course).
How is Grist funded?
Grist is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity, funded by foundation grants, reader contributions, and advertising. Our website and email services are free.
How can I support Grist?
We’re so glad you asked! You can support us by telling your friends about Grist, promoting Grist on your website, and donating your hard-earned cash.
I have questions about donating to Grist.
Please read our donation FAQs.
Can I get a hard copy of the magazine?
Grist is published exclusively online. Saves trees, pollutes less (unless you count all of those bits and bytes flying around in cyberspace), everyone wins.
What does it cost to subscribe?
Zilch. You may subscribe here.
Does Grist accept advertising?
Yes, advertising on our website and in our email publications and alerts helps us keep the lights on and the Energy Star computers humming.
With whom can I talk about partnership opportunities with Grist?
We’re always looking for good partners. Send us a message using the “Partnership” option on our contact form.
How do I request permission to reprint, excerpt, or syndicate content?
For reprint rights or syndication information (print or online), just contact us using our contact form (mark it as a letter to the editor and we’ll make sure it gets to the right place).
How do I sign up for Grist by email?
You may signup for our free email newsletters on this page.
Will Grist rent, sell, or trade my personal information?
No. Please see our Privacy Policy for assurances on how we use information collected on our website.
How can I get a job at Grist?
We post current openings on our jobs page.
Does Grist offer internships?
Yes, each year Grist gives a lucky few a leg up in the lucrative field of environmental journalism. For more information, please check out our jobs page.
Where can I send a story idea?
Check out our writer’s guidelines for details.
Where can I send my press release?
We don’t publish press releases on our website, but our editors will happily peruse them for news tips if you drop them in our contact form and pick “Press Release.”
I have a question for Umbra — where do I send it?
Yours is to wonder why, hers is to answer (or try). Please send Umbra any nagging question pertaining to the environment. Note, though, that she is barraged by oodles of reader mail, so you might also want
to search the archives to see if she’s already responded to a similar query.
I have a hot tip — where do I send it?
We welcome rumors, whistleblowing, classified documents, or other useful tips. Please send ’em over using our contact form and pick “Hot news tip.”
Does Grist accept books for review?
To submit a book for consideration, please contact the editorial department.
Will Grist send materials for an event I’m organizing?
In keeping with our goal of producing less stuff, we don’t have a bevy of printed materials, trinkets, or geegaws on hand, but
let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll see what we can do.

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