Grid operators say they're ready to handle the extra load that air conditioners and other cooling devices will put on electricity supplies during the heat wave.

Venture capitalists invested less money on green tech projects last quarter; they're hot on "internet-specific" companies. (Think businesses like Twitter or Spotify.) So if you’ve got an internet-specific green startup idea burning a hole in your laptop cover, now may be the time.

Apparently it's cool with Republicans if the government interferes with private businesses' decisions, if those decisions would mean being involved in the E.U.'s airline carbon trading program.

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Headaches blamed on wind farms could just be the result of fear and anxiety about new things.

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Roundup has created pesticide-resistant super weeds that grow three inches a day and destroy farm machinery. They'll probably be craving human blood soon enough. (Little known fact: Little Shop of Horrors was originally set in Iowa, circa 2030.)

This is the house that hackers built: a "21st-century Hobbit village" where everyone builds their own house, grows organic vegetables, and makes digital animation.

Important info if you’re planning a safari: Lions are mostly likely to attack people right after a full moon.

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