yawneriwona_kellie via flickrThis time around we start off with a great big phony pact
That came from several green groups who just felt they had to act.
A powerful indictment and a plan for moving on,
The “Copenhagen treaty” met with no more than a yawn.

Was that too rude, to write them off, to say the pact was snoozy?
No, this is rude: Joe Barton, at a hearing, getting newsy.
At least it was the Sports section that drew him to the paper —
‘Cuz we all known that climate’s ills will ease when waistlines taper.

Elsewhere in Congress, Aggies focused on their newfound foes:
They lurched at Waxman-Markey armed with pitchforks and with hoes.
“We want to offset too!” they cried, and nearly started bawlin’.
But here’s the thing: You can! So time to STFU, Collin.

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This week in D.C. also found the Grist crew hosting Tom
Who talked about accounting, and the storm before the calm.
His “nerdtainment” with David made for quite a festive bash;
As always, we got pleasure just from peeking at his ‘stache.

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O please excuse the navel-gazing nature of that stanza
We now return to climate news: the end of the Bonn-anza.
As delegates all headed home to catch up on their Tivo,
A disheartening message came from climate-guru Yvo.

And while we know the world won’t solve its problems by December,
There’s still one crucial thing that everybody should remember:
If personal emissions are a source of any doubt,
It’s best to ditch your car and then just let it all hang out.

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