Here at Grist, we occasionally visit Twitter and see pure poetry — and we’re far from alone in that. Earlier this week, colleagues suggested that the lyrical, insightful tweets of Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship might in fact be better read as haikus. Let’s give it a shot, paraphrasing ever-so-slightly where we must.

Cash 4 Clunkers is
Enviro hypocrisy
It makes toxic smoke

The world’s polluted
Because we cannot build plants …
In America

The greatest source of
Pollution is not indus-
try. It’s ignorance.

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The cap and trade bill
Should be the “High Electric
Bill” bill. Who’d want that?

Which worries you most
Controlling emissions or
Controlling government.

It seems everything
In America’s changing
Except the climate.

Thus spake Blankenship. Go ahead, read more of our climate-news poems.

 don blankenshipDon’t mess with my iambic pentameter.ABC News

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