fun - aim and igniteNate Ruess was in the briefly-almost-famous indie band The Format until they broke up in early 2008. At that point he reached out to multi-instrumentalist Andrew Dost from the obscure but beloved-by-fans Anathallo to form a band called fun. fun.’s debut, Aim & Ignite, came out in October.

If you’re gonna name your band fun. and put “ignite” in your album title, you better have the goods, and this disc does. It’s a real find, bursting with symphonic, gleefully over-the-top power pop. It’s like Queen meets Weezer meets Hair. Music this full of life and ambition is rare these days, and to be celebrated.

This mini-epic, the first single, bears the dry title, “At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used to Be).”

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