New York

The Riverhouse. The Riverhouse spans 470,000 sq. feet. 90 ENERGY STAR–labeled buildings in 2009; $88.3 million in cost savings.

High class Riverhouse seeks refined live-in
I’m probably not a very good match for the average environmentalist’s wallet. Only the most refined tastes seem to appreciate my automatically rotating photovoltaic roof cells and rainfall recycling system. A natural beauty — I was constructed with locally acquired renewable materials and non-toxic paints — I’m ready for the real deal when it comes to green.

Update: Rumors are swirling about a Leonardo DiCaprio sighting in one of my units. Sources close to the star say he was wooed by my double-paned windows, filtered air, and gray water recycling system. Leo’s dog Rufus approves of this flirtation, thanks to my luxury dog spa.