The Environmental Protection Agency just released a report ranking U.S. cities based on their number of ENERGY STAR–labeled buildings. These rankings make us, well, warm all over, so we decided to check out the sexiest top nine ENERGY STAR buildings of the bunch. Are you in search of the perfect match? Look no further than these sassy personal ads. Maybe we’ll all get lucky. 


Los Angeles

The Watt Plaza. The Watt Plaza: The twin office towers encompass 900,000 sq. feet. L.A. dominated the list, for the second year in a row, with 293 ENERGY STAR–labeled buildings in 2009 and $93.9 million in cost savings.

L.A. twins seek a deep green relationship
Hugh Hefner need not apply. We are 29-year-old twin office towers, all business and too old for him anyway.

As the killer Watt twins, we have earned high ENERGY STAR accolades every year since 2004; we were the first L.A. office buildings to earn Gold LEED certification for existing structures in operations and maintenance. We’ve been fighting “fake Hollywood” stereotypes forever and don’t buy into empty greenwashing.

Not that we are all work and no play. We boast water-free urinals and a waste program that diverts 70 percent of the building’s waste to a recovery facility. Yowza!