Stuffed puppy with colorful vegetablesThis puppy doesn’t think it’s possible to have too many vegetables. Photo: snugglepup via Flickr

In these times of economic crisis, rising poverty, and diet-related health problems, you’d think local governments would have bigger priorities than counting the number of squash and broccoli plants on people’s lawns. Unfortunately that’s not the case for Georgia resident Steve Miller, a landscaper by profession and organic farmer by heart, who’s been caught tomato-red-handed growing a downright offensive number of vegetable plants on his property outside of Atlanta. (The exact number of criminal plants unknown.)

Dubbed “Cabbage-Gate” by friends and neighbors of Miller, officials in Dekalb County, Georgia, are suing him for $5,000 in fines for not having his land properly zoned to grow such an apparently ridiculous number of vegetables — even after he stopped growing them and got rezoned.

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If the county is suing this long-time hobby farmer for growing too many vegetables, how many are “acceptable” anyway? Twenty? Eleven? As many as you want as long as that doesn’t include cabbage?

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