Girl Talk - All DayGirl Talk is DJ Greg Gillis, who has made a name for himself mashing up beats, melody lines, and vocals from different songs into epic, album-length party sets. All told, the albums contain hundreds of samples, far more than any mere mortal could afford to license, so the results are … less than legal. And by that I mean highly illegal. As far as I know, though, no one’s sued Gillis yet, probably because his work is so obviously something new, vital, important, and plain ol’ booty-moving.

The latest is called All Day. You can download it for free from Gillis’s website. If you’re feeling obsessive, head over to the album’s Wikipedia page and check it out — someone has broken out the origin of every sample from every song.

The albums are seamless, meant to be played from front to back. Nonetheless, I don’t want to crash your browser, so here’s “song” number five, called “This Is the Remix.” It contains samples from 34 different songs, everything from Black Sabbath to the Grateful Dead to Gang Starr to the Jackson 5 to Snoop Dogg. Enjoy.

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