It’s no longer enough for your Futuristic Future Dwelling of the Future to be eco-friendly, alternative-powered, and 100 percent recyclable. You also have to furnish a portfolio of computer-rendered yurt-porn, showing the glamorous lifestyle available in your tiny pod home.

Lifepod” is a small, sustainable prefab that can be packed up and shipped anywhere in the world you want to go, because that’s really effin’ green. But more to the point, it comes with a Tumblr’s worth of flattering Myspace pictures. Here’s our Catalog Living-inspired take on the lives of the Lifepod denizens.

We don’t actually get any power from this turbine, but Gerald insisted we set up next to it because it makes us look good. Plus, its gentle whirring drowns out the sound of his CPAP machine.

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After 15 years of marriage, Gerald and Eleanor were having intimacy issues. But sitting side by side at sunset in their matching yurts, wearing his copper potency bracelet, left Gerald feeling like a new man.

I agree that she makes our featureless mini-yurt look sort of nonspecifically futuristic, Gerald, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re cheating on me.

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It’s a timeshare. Once a year, we get to park the pod on their roof and pretend we live somewhere with chairs and people. No, don’t go ask them about it.

Gerald, I don’t understand why you can’t support my hobbies. I can enjoy eco-friendly pursuits like buffing the yurt and shipping it over to China for vacation, and still write my Twilight fan-fic on the side.

Eleanor had grown used to the lack of furniture or wall space, and their uniform hardness made it easy to slice the gluten-free breakfast brioche no matter which part of the yurt she awakened in. But she was still ready to jump off a cliff.

Gerald was prepared to indulge Eleanor’s religious sentiment, but making the pod walk on water was a bridge too far. What would the people at the Ethical Society meetings think?

Honey, that yurt is back. Can you go bang a pot at it or something?

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