Last weekend, I was proud to join the likes of former Vice President Al Gore and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson as a keynote speaker at Power Shift 2011.

There was an incredible energy; more than 10,000 young leaders gathered in Washington, D.C., to work towards two common goals – a cleaner future and a just America.

It was a sight to see.  When I stood at the podium, and looked out at all these talented and energized organizers – standing in solidarity – I was filled with incredible hope that this was a turning point for the green movement.

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In my speech, I talked about how the special interests try to keep our nation from moving forward.  Even though progress is part of the American story, polluters don’t want the next chapter to be written because in it: We have the power.

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We must finally put an end to the days when dirty interests — who put their own short-term profits before the long-term health of our country — have more influence than the people.

America belongs to everyone.  It’s time to take our power back from the polluters.

There’s no time like this week: Power Shift, the anniversary of the BP Spill, Earth Day. Over the course of the week, we’ll share the lessons we’ve learned and new ways we’re engaging to build a new, clean economy. We’ll also identify ways for you to get involved, both in your community and in the national movement.

Let’s make this Earth Week not just a celebration of the planet, but also a time of action.  Let’s use this momentum to ask ourselves if we can do more to help open eyes, change minds and inspire action from others.

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It’s going to take a united effort; we can’t and won’t be divided by race, gender or sexual orientation.

Together, we can ensure that the future isn’t just Green For Some, but Green For All.