Listen up, Facebook nation: Obama would like you to stop friending and unfriending each other for a second and pay attention. He's hosting a Facebook town hall today at 4:45 Eastern, in order to, you know, get down verbally with the youth. The subject is "Shared Responsibility and Shared Prosperity," which sounds like a great excuse to bring up questions about energy policy, sustainability, and the environment.

You can post a question on the Facebook event page or on the White House event site, and Obama's answers will be live-streamed. The president himself will be at Facebook HQ, but the event says specifically that unless you're invited you should NOT SHOW UP THERE, MR. WINKLEVOSS.

So, this will be awesome, right? Because nothing goes together like politics and Facebook! For an idea of how awesome, you can just read the comments on Obama's invitation video.

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