We knew things were going to get weird once we found out there was a real-world Angry Bird. Now a farm in England is turning itself into live-action Farmville. For a £30 ($49) annual fee, members of MyFarm will get to weigh in on every decision made at Wimpole Estate Farm in Cambridgeshire. They'll vote on what to plant, when to harvest, what livestock to purchase, how to allocate the farm's land, which pig is the best singer, whether Brad should marry barley or amaranth, and every other choice that's critical to an agriculture/reality show hybrid.

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MyFarm is a project of the National Trust, a conservation and historical preservation nonprofit that also owns a great deal of English farmland. The Trust's goal with this project is twofold: They're aiming to get 10,000 subscribers, which would mean bringing in a respectable £300,000. But they also want to teach people about where their food comes from, and what farm life and farm management is really like. Having a say in daily operations will get people invested in the farm and, hopefully, in farming in general. Meanwhile, can someone scare up an impossibly adorable dinosaur? We want to play live Cut the Rope.

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