It's Bike to Work day. Now all you bike commuters know how secretaries feel on Administrative Professionals Day: “One DAY? I’ve been doing this day in and day out all year!”

The rate of Amazon deforestation has been declining in recent years; this year, it climbed again. The Brazilian government is — rightly — freaking out.

The head of Tokyo Electric Power, the company responsible for handling the Fukushima meltdown, resigned today. Rumor has it that BP CEO Tony Hayward has already invited him to join the new, quickly growing Ex-Heads of Disastrous Energy Companies club. (Motto: “We Just Want Our Lives Back.”)

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The Obama administration is funding a Nevada solar power project that will generate electricity even when the sun is not shining. (The technology involves heating millions of gallons of molten salt, which sounds, uh, terrifying.)

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Which is more impressive? South Korea built a carbon-free building for a climate change research center.

But Shell is building a natural gas processing facility that will be the largest man-made floating object ever.