Tool use: It's not just for humans anymore. Actually, it hasn't been just for humans for a long while — yet another form of homo sapiens exceptionalism we're having to learn to do without. But now it's not just for humans, apes, monkeys, certain birds, and possibly octopuses: There's documented evidence that fish can use tools too. Take that, practically everything except fish! You're not so smart after all.

These photos show a blackspot tuskfish cracking open a clam by hitting it against a rock. It may not be as sophisticated as a socket wrench, or even a stick poked into a termite nest. But hey, we're talking about a species that doesn't have thumbs OR hands OR feet. (Or even grasping tentacles.) Let's be honest, this is more than we expected of fish. And a good reminder that nature is often more crafty than we think.

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