There's a new battlefront in the fracking fight: the Delaware River Basin, which provides water to 5 percent of the country's population. And anti-fracking dreamboat Mark Ruffalo is asking for help in fighting against fracking there.

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You don’t have to take Ruffalo’s word for it — you probably want to fight fracking anyway. When asked supporters what they should fight for while Obama sits on the Keystone XL decision, twice as many people voted to fight oil and gas fracking than for any other cause.

But it's still sort of good that someone as famous and handsome as Ruffalo is making this request, because there's a catch: To fight fracking in the watershed, you have to go to Trenton, which isn't exactly a nice place to visit. (I say this as a sometime Jersey resident who will defend the state on many counts.)

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On the other hand, Trenton has some selling points: Besides sticking it to Chris Christie and getting your activism on, you can try Trenton tomato pie, which is like pizza, only with less cheese and more tomatoes. Which probably means tomato pie should count for twice as many vegetable servings as pizza does.