Leave it to the British Independent to cut to the chase and succinctly summarize the environment-ravaging agenda of a second Bush administration and its cronies in Congress. Even the title of its article succinctly summarizes it: “Bush sets out plan to dismantle 30 years of environmental laws.”

Reporter Geoffrey Lean notes that three laws in particular are in the admin’s sights:

  1. the Clean Air Act,
  2. the Endangered Species Act (as Amanda Griscom Little has reported), and
  3. the National Environmental Policy Act.

He also reports that EPA chief Mike Leavitt wants to overhaul the agency to his liking (as previously reported in the L.A. Times), and that the Bushies continue to lust after the oil beneath the Arctic Refuge and salivate at the thought of finally pushing through the pork-packed energy bill that emanated from Dick Cheney’s oh-so-secret energy task force.  

“We will now see an assault on the law which will set the U.S. in the direction of becoming a Third World country in terms of environmental protection,” said Phil Clapp of the National Environmental Trust. So much to look forward to!

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