Tomorrow is Commute Another Way Day! In Maine, at least (anyone know of this happening elsewhere?), this is an annual event to promote carpools, vanpools, public transit, biking, walking, pogo-sticking, and other eco-friendly alternatives to that long, lonely slog to and from the 9-to-5. According to the CAWD website:

Last year, more than 500 employers and 5,000 commuters got involved statewide, helping to reduce traffic congestion and auto emissions by eliminating 6,000 auto trips; 62,000 auto miles; 1.65 tons of harmful pollution; and $32,000 in commuting costs … all in a single day!

And you know what else those commuters did? They won prizes! Who doesn’t love prizes?

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So hop in/on/around/to one of these official Transportation Mode Choices and commute another way!

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And speaking of earth-friendly commutes, this week’s InterActivist, Don Shaffer, is co-owner of Comet Skateboards — a San Francisco company making eco-‘boards at the world’s only solar-powered skateboard factory. Shaffer takes his work home (and then back to work?) by commuting via a skateboard + BART combo.

And as InterActivist this week, he’s also taking questions from the Grist peanut gallery — until the deadline tomorrow at noon (PDT), that is. Ask him about poppin’ ollies on the way home from work. Or ask him about his other passion — providing support to small, local businesses trying to fight corporate cronyism. Ask him anything! We’ll publish his answers to selected questions on Friday.