To all of you greenies plotting intentional, catastrophic natural disasters to call attention to climate change, your caper has been uncovered. Prepare to be exposed for the scheming revolutionaries you are in Michael Crichton’s new novel State of Fear. Crichton sets out to debunk all this global warming nonsense. Michiko Kakutani shreds the book in a New York Times Books of the Times feature.

The fictitious treatment isn’t enough apparently. Kakutani quotes Crichton from the book’s “Author’s Message” saying:

“I suspect the people of 2100 will be much richer than we are, consume more energy, have a smaller global population and enjoy more wilderness than we have today. I don’t think we have to worry about them.” And: “I blame environmental organizations every bit as much as developers and strip miners” for current failures in wilderness management.

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UPDATE: The invaluable folks at RealClimate take on Crichton’s book here. It ain’t pretty.

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