Nothing like a little fire breathing to start your day. So I give you Carl Pope, who really seems not to like Exxon much:

It is hard to imagine a more alarming scenario from the world’s largest oil company — we are entirely dependent on OPEC’s being both willing and able to increase its production dramatically, even if we are very diligent about pursuing energy efficiency. If either one of those assumptions (cooperative, successful OPEC; energy-efficient consumers) fails to hold true, then we are cooked. So why is ExxonMobil running such soothing ads in the New York Times?

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Because if the world does hit a major oil shortage, then prices will soar, and ExxonMobil, which just reaped a record profit, will become even richer.

What’s really shameful is not that they feed us this toxic pabulum — but that we seem to swallow it.

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