Posting from me will continue to be light for a few days, but I have some announcements of interest.

My review of George Monbiot’s Heat: How to Stop the Planet from Burning will appear in the February issue of the dead tree publication Z Magazine. It will also be online Feb. 4th, and I’ll post a link to it then.

Monbiot’s book is a brilliant, flawed, and deeply important work about what it will really take to keep global warming below catastrophic levels.

I’m also going to post a review of Joseph Romm’s Hell or High Water here within the next three or four days. Romm is one of the nation’s leading experts on solutions to global warming. He is a physicist who has worked on these issues for decades, both in government and in private industry. He’s is a political moderate who’s passionate about mitigating climate catastrophe.

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After that I should post a bit more frequently.

Once that starts I’m going to be replying to some comments. Because those replies will be so delayed, I’m thinking of doing a catch-up post that is essentially nothing but quoting and replying to significant comments. It has the advantage for those quoted that their comments, names or pseuds, and links will appear in the body of the post. This is a one-time thing. In the future I will try to reply to comments in the comment section within a few days of when they are made.

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