Just when you thought there was nothing new under the sun, there is something new under our butts. A South Korean man who had a lifelong interest in bathroom hygiene (is that something you’re supposed to admit? I am not so sure) has opened a toilet theme park in the South Korean city of Suwon, which is Korean for “Place where people come to learn about poo-poo stuff.”

I’m sorry. That’s not true, and it’s tasteless, and the toilet museum deserves to be treated with less derision. It has a museum part where you can trace the history of the toilet, from early bedpans to space-age toilets that conserve water or give you a little post-toilet freshen-up, and we all know that history is very classy. Speaking of classy, did I mention that this man lives in a toilet-shaped house, and that’s where he keeps the museum, and yes, the house’s original toilet is there?

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To learn more about the world’s first ever toilet museum, you should watch this very funny video. The British narrator is funny on purpose, and then, the Korean woman representing the toilet museum is somewhat more earnest but in the end can’t help giving into a good chuckle, because, of course, we are talking about toilets here.

I love when the Korean lady says, “We already know upon waking up in the morning, where should we go to? Toilet.” It’s like she’s talking about getting up and knowing we should go to the gym, but then thinking, oh well, I don’t feel like it. I think most of us manage to connect that “I should go to the toilet” feeling with actually going, yes?

Anyway, today is World Toilet Day (really!), and this is obviously where you should go to celebrate.

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