So I’m reading Harper’s this morning, and they have an excerpt from America’s Providential History, by Mark A. Beliles and Stephen K. McDowell, published by the Providence Foundation. Says Harper’s, “the authors hold courses and seminars based on the book that were attended by more than 25,000 last year.” Take it away, fellas:

A secular society lacks faith in God’s Providence, and consequently men find fewer natural resources. The secular or socialist has a limited-resource mentality and views the world as a pie (there is only so much) that needs to be cut up so that everyone can have a piece. In contrast, the Christian knows that the potential in God is unlimited and that there is no shortage of resources in God’s earth.

While many secularists view the world as over-populated, Christians know that God has made the earth sufficiently large, with plenty of resources to accommodate all the people He knew would come into existence.

Kinda makes you think about this.

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(Incidentally, God also hates the Federal Reserve and Social Security. FYI.)

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