Congress considers legislation that would give coal a boost

What if there was a liquid fuel with the potential to produce nearly twice as many greenhouse gases as petroleum? And it would cost nearly four times as much to build a processing plant for this fuel as for petroleum? You’d say no thanks. But Congress is saying yes please to this flawed fuel, commonly known as “coal.” Legislation currently making its way through House and Senate committees includes federal tax credits, subsidies, and loan guarantees to the tune of billions of dollars, as well as a plan for 25-year military contracts for coal-to-liquid fuels. “For so many, filthy coal is a dirty four-letter word,” says Rep Nick V. Rahall (D-W.Va.), chair of the House Natural Resources Committee and coal captive. “These individuals, I tell you, have their heads buried in the sand.” Because coal is from Middle America, not the Middle East! And the industry is figuring out how to separate and bury carbon emissions! And coal is the magic solution! Oh wait, no, it’s still the enemy of the human race.