We’re leaving for two weeks; we’ll miss you

As is our yearly custom, Grist will be taking a two-week publishing break, starting Monday. We’ll return on Jan. 3, rested and ready to publish the heck out of some environmental news and commentary. While we’re off intercepting whaling ships, setting up solar stations in indigenous villages, and … oh, all right, drinking spiked eggnog and eating too much fruitcake, don’t forget that our United States of Grist map is still up. We are a slim $439 short of our $50,000 fundraising goal (and a few states shy of a wholly green U.S.). Though the fundraiser is officially over, we’re still happy to receive your tax-deductible donations, and we’ll still be updating the map (we’re talking to you, Texas). A hearty, heart-felt thanks to all of you who’ve already given, and to all of our devoted readers everywhere. Without you, all these puns would just go to waste. Happy holidays from the Grist staff!