Roger Pielke Jr. has written a classic of the vanity-blogging genre, a long post about his Wikipedia biography that concludes with the question, “should I care about the Wikipedia biography?” Raise your hand if you think that cat’s out of the bag …

Apparently, anonymous Wikipedians are removing things Roger an interested citizen is adding — things intended to show that liberals cite his work as much as conservatives do. He thinks his anonymous tormentors come from Grist:

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Perhaps they are some of the less thoughtful Grist readers, as opposed to most who comment there, where character assassination in mainline posts appears to be accepted behavior.

Insinuation without evidence? I thought only “advocates” did that, not “policy scholars.”

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For what it’s worth, I’ll happily testify that I, like most people who aren’t him, have devoted no time at all to thinking about Roger’s Wikipedia page, much less fiddling with it, and would encourage Grist readers to adopt the same approach.