Don’t miss the current issue of Mother Jones, with a feature package called "As the World Burns" about, as you might surmise, global warming. Here’s a chunk of the Editor’s Note (which is worth reading in its entirety):

In his article "Some Like It Hot" (page 36), Chris Mooney pinpoints a critical distinction in the battle over global warming. The think tanks, crank scientists, and pseudo-journalists who dispute climate change with the aid of millions of corporate dollars are not just arguing the economics of the problem, as they sometimes pretend. That activity, engaging in a thoughtful discussion of politics and priorities, the wisdom of one or another course of action, could be considered honorable regardless of which side one argued from. Rather, the mouthpieces are ignobly contesting the very science itself, using any tactic, any slipshod fiction, that might throw doubt into the public mind and so deflect the dictates of hard fact. In other words, given a public policy debate, conservatives have decided to forgo real debate entirely — to adopt instead a radical course: denying reality itself.

Mooney’s article and its companion pieces on the global warming wars, by Bill McKibben and Ross Gelbspan, appear under the banner "Climate of Denial."

I haven’t read all this stuff yet. I’ll probably have more to say when I do. But check it out your own self.

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