Echidnas are spiny mammals that live in Australia and are like the weird cousins of duck-billed platypuses. Like a momma platypus, a momma echidna lays eggs, which she then hatches in a marsupial-like pouch. And the babies are called puggles! And they’re super weirdly cute!

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You can see this for yourself, because a rescued puggle, which likely fell out of its mother’s pouch, is currently living at the Taronga Wildlife Hospital near Sydney. You will basically die of cuteness watching this video:

We will pass lightly over the fact that normally, rather than eating out of a human’s hand, the baby echidna would drink milk that its mom excreted from glands on her back. Because that is weird, but it is not cute. Forget about that and just look at its peculiar little snout! Its little fat belly! And, aaah, its little old man face!

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