Nader Chooses Running Mate from Green Party

Peter Camejo, a lifelong activist and two-time Green party candidate for governor of California, will be independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader’s running mate for 2004. Nader’s move is largely tactical: While he has refused to run as a Green, he has sought the party’s formal endorsement, which would put him on the ballot in up to 35 states — and Camejo is well-regarded by Greens. As their nominating convention approaches (it’s being held this weekend in Milwaukee, Wis.), Greens are torn between Nader and Texas Green David Cobb, who supports the “safe state” strategy whereby Greens campaign aggressively in states certain to go to either Bush or Kerry, but support Kerry in swing states. Camejo derided the safe-state strategy as “a vote for Kerry” and said, despite pressure against running from liberals, “Ralph Nader doesn’t bend.” Nader is believed by political observers who can count to have tipped the tight 2000 election to George W. Bush, who also, it turns out, doesn’t bend.