A new music video from Barcelona-based musician Sam Lardner spreads a timely message about the importance for all people to work together to save our oceans. 

With footage of the BP Deepwater disaster in the Gulf of Mexico contrasted by majestic images of beaches and marine life from around the world, the video is an eye-opening look at the perils and pleasures found in the blue depths of our oceans, which cover 70 percent of the Earth’s surface.

Watch “Blue Planet”:

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“Blue Planet” is the first video released from Sam Lardner’s new “Oceans Are Talking” CD.

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Featuring groups of children singing out for ocean protection from D.C. to Dominica, Spain to Australia, the video is a rallying call to all ages that the time to save our oceans is right now.

Sam Lardner told me today from Barcelona, “When we started working on this project, Ann Luskey from the Ocean Foundation and I were focused on how to enlighten and empower children, but halfway through the process, we realized this isn’t a children’s CD at all.”

“The fact is, the oceans can’t wait for our children to grow up and save them.  There isn’t time to wait for that.  It’s all of us, right now, who have to solve this.  We all have to change,” Lardner says.

The “Blue Planet” video is dedicated to the life work of Sylvia Earle and her TED-prize project, Mission Blue.

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For more about the project, visit OceansAreTalking.org.