SweeneyvilleWow, this Bud tastes like water — oh, it is water.

So, the Budweiser Corporation is putting water in cans. Wait. Why is that new? Doesn’t it already put water in cans? Ha, ha. That’s very funny. I’m sure it’s never heard any jokes before from microbrew-obsessed America about the fact that its beer sucks. But this time, it really is water, to help Hurricane Sandy victims whose drinking water isn’t safe.

Thousands of people were left without potable water after the storm. And it’s super nice that Bud gave them water instead of watery beer. And we shouldn’t make fun of its watery beer right now, because Bud is actually being very nice — it temporarily turned an entire manufacturing facility from a place that cans beer to a place that cans water. Wow. Totally righteous of it, right? We feel kind of bad now for making fun of how much its beer sucks. Budweiser folks: You might make beer, but this was a real champagne move.

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