John McCain and Mitt Romney have been sparring over fuel-efficiency standards lately (among other things) as the two seek to position themselves to win tomorrow’s Republican presidential primary in Michigan. Recent polls have forecast a close race between the two in the state. For his part, McCain has been vocal about supporting the new vehicle fuel-efficiency standards that were passed by Congress and signed into law late last year. “I have great faith in the automobile industry that they’ll be able to meet these CAFE standards,” McCain said. Romney, who has been trying to cast himself as a champion of the auto industry, criticized McCain for supporting the tougher standards, saying they would handicap the industry. “Look, you can’t keep on throwing anvils at Michigan and the auto industry and then say, how come they are not swimming well?” he said. The two campaigns have also been feuding over SUVs, with McCain’s camp accusing Romney of supporting a tax increase on SUVs while campaigning for governor of Massachusetts.