Speaking of DeLay scumbaggery, it looks like the Republicans are going to hold a vote on CAFTA between midnight and 2am tonight. They’re hoping that some of the moderate Republicans who oppose this legislative turd will stay home and that DeLay and his posse can bully the rest into supporting it.

You think this is how a majority behaves when it’s proud of its legislation?

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Jeff has a nice round-up of sources on why CAFTA is no good for the environment. It’s also no good for free trade, or anything else really. The substantive stakes are not huge, but it’s a great example of the bankrupt process by which the Republican majority passes legislation these days.

Update [2005-7-27 22:34:9 by Dave Roberts]: It just passed — never mind arm-twisting moderate Republicans. Fifteen Democrats voted for this hunk of junk, and that put it over the top. The D.C. rot is bipartisan.

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